Diesel went bankrupt in the United States

Diesel USA Inc., the American business of Diesel SpA, an Italian Jean brand, has filed for bankruptcy recently as demand for high-end jeans at a unit price of $200 has been weakening for years, coupled with its own strategic failures and lax management. Diesel USA Inc., in its filing with the Delaware Bankruptcy Court, pointed […]

Beautiful jeans shows handsome fashion charm

Street pat soft and clever jeans beauty, highlighting the handsome fashion charm, especially the wear-resistant fabric of jeans and thin upper body, with exquisite buttons and high-quality elastic fabric, tight pants personality and fashionable, showing the personality charm of women, so that our legs look more slender and add a lively atmosphere. Jeans are breathable, […]

American jeans brand True Religion was acquired

Last October, True Religion said it was possible to sell the company, noting that it had received offers from multiple potential buyers and that Korean fashion giant E-Land Group was among the bidders. After the news of the sale came out, the company’s share price soared. In the view of Ye Qi-ying, editor-in-chief of Guanchao, […]

Manchester United announced a partnership with True Religion

Manchester United announced a partnership with True Religion, a high-end jeans brand in the United States. True Religion will launch new jeans for Manchester United. This time, Manchester United will launch a joint model of men’s and women’s clothing with True Religion. The exclusive range of clothing will include jeans, shirts and jackets. In addition, […]