The real true religion jeans

On True Religion’s back, there is a fat Maitreya Buddha. He raised his thumb in one hand and held his guitar in the other, like a rock singer in a performance. From the background behind him, you can see that the previous conjecture is absolutely correct – the red word “World Tour” tells people that it is a rock Buddha on a global tour.

“This Buddha represents the way we see the world. As you can see, he was very happy and in a very comfortable state of mind, like an American Hippie in the 1970s. Lynne Koplin, global president of True Religion, told the magazine. The design of Maitreya Buddha was designed by Jeffrey Lubell, the founder of the brand, because he liked rock and roll music, and he let Buddha hold the guitar. “Rock and roll is also very 1970s. It was an age of freedom, and Bohemian life was admired. This is the spirit we want to convey. Lynn Klaplin said.

True Religion was inspired in the 1970s. In those days, hippies distinguished themselves from the general public by wearing jeans that were tight, low-waisted, trumpet-shaped legs with unprecedented width. This feeling can be found again in some of True Religion’s jeans. “There is only one true belief in the world, that is, self-belief.” Jeffrey Lubel said. Therefore, he named his brand “True Belief”. “For people who love jeans, jeans are True Religion.” Lynn Klaplin told the magazine.

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